Conversación Real 9: Salud y normas de seguridad

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Conversación en inglés: Salud y normas de seguridad

PREGUNTA: ¿Por qué decidieron Mark y Tom irse de Inglaterra y vivir fuera?

RESPUESTA: ¡Porque el Reino Unido se está convirtiendo en un «estado niñera» (nanny state)! Escucha esta conversación en inglés y descubre a qué se refieren con «estado niñera». La conversación incluye una charla sobre la sanidad en el Reino Unido y España, las regulaciones del tabaco en el Reino Unido y España ¡y por qué los españoles viven durante más años que los ingleses!

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Conversación en inglés - Salud y seguridad
Conversación en inglés - Salud y seguridad

Sobre la conversación en inglés…

QUESTION: Why did Tom & Mark leave England to live abroad?

ANSWER: Because the UK is becoming a “Nanny State”! Listen to this English conversation and find out what they mean by “Nanny State”. The conversation includes a discussion about healthcare in the UK and Spain, the smoking laws in the UK & Spain, and why the Spanish live longer than the British!

Fragmento de la transcripción de la conversación

MARK: Hi my name’s Mark and I’m sitting here with Tom. Hi Tom!
TOM: Hello!
MARK: We’re back in Ciutadella Park[1] in Barcelona, one of our favourite places, and today, we’re going to talk about Health and Safety[2]. Now, this covers various aspects, but first of all, we’d like to begin by talking about Health and Safety laws…
TOM: Yes, these are particularly interesting for us, because it’s possibly one of the reasons we came to Spain, or we were attracted to Spain in the first place, isn’t it, because the UK has become what some of the newspapers refer to as a ‘Nanny State[3]’. Now can you explain ‘Nanny State’?
MARK: The image it gives me in my head is…uh…th…the state as an overprotective[4] grandmother, so literally not allowing people to do very much in case they hurt themselves or in case something bad happens, so the state is overly protective, and as a result adults feel overly restrictive of[5] what they can and cannot do, and where they can or cannot do it.
TOM: Yeah, basically, so as you’re going about your daily life in England, it’s quite normal to, you know, walking around…uh…cities, there’s rules and regulations everywhere, saying «don’t do this», «mustn’t do that», «you get a fine[6] if you do this» and, yeah, it’s quite restrictive, and it feels quite claustrophobic…
MARK: Yeah, when I went back to England for the first time in three years after living to…in Spain, the first sign I saw was «it’s illegal to smoke in this building», rather than «no smoking» they make the point that it’s illegal to do it, and you feel very…very on edge[7], very uneasy[8], very uncomfortable…

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