Zapp! English Listening 2.13 – El Hogar

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Zapp! English Listening 2.13 – El Hogar

ebooks Zapp! English Listening 2.13 - El HogarCasas de ensueño y diferentes casas/hogares en todo el mundo son solo dos de las cosas de las que oirás hablar al escuchar este podcast. Se trata de una gran oportunidad para escuchar una conversación natural en inglés y recordar algunas de las palabras más comunes relacionadas con las casas y los lugares donde vivimos. Podrás escuchar a seis personas distintas y tres acentos de inglés diferentes: estadounidense, canadiense y británico.

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5 comentarios en “Zapp! English Listening 2.13 – El Hogar”

  1. The worst house I’ve ever lived in was an appartment on the ground floor in Cannes, France. I’ve been working there for three terms as a Spanish Conversation Assistant in a Highschool. The job was OK but the place were I used to live was a nightmare.
    First, I must tell I shared it with big black cockroachs that appeared in the night among the sheets of my bed, in the tub of the bathrom and in the kitchen as an army of indestructible enemys. Nevertheless, I managed to exterminate them with a simple roach spray…
    The main problem seemed more difficult : every night, at 2 :00 am, a terrible noise coming from the flat above was going me crazy with fear. It looked like someone changed all the furniture, dragging them around the apartment for five or ten minutes. This noise in the middle of the night was terriby strange and horrifying, especially because it happened every single night during the nine months I spent there. I used to came back home after the «moving » took place, or to try to be asleep by the time it began. The friends of mine that could listen to the «paranormal activity» agreed with me that it was horrifying. I’ve never known the reason, and naturally I dared not to go up to inquire.

    (Sorry about the mistakes. Everything I told was real.)

  2. I remember once at my grandmother’s house … Her house was old and built all in wood, the ceiling was slighty damaged due to weather so, one of the frame in the ceiling seemed to be loosen and fell no the floor of the dining room … Everyone was frightened of hearing the strong noise that it created through the house , but nobody got injure . As for my grandmother a bit altered looked for some ways un clean up the mess and everything took its time un be ok.

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