Conversación en inglés 2.1: Facebook y la revolución de las redes sociales

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7 thoughts on “Conversación en inglés 2.1: Facebook y la revolución de las redes sociales”

  1. Thank you! Your conversations are always very interesting!
    I was looking about professional networking sites. I think in Spain Linkedln is the most popular one, but do you know something about Xing and Viadeo?

  2. I have some doubts:

    Can I say…?

    Hi, how’s it going? I have some doubts. Can you help me?
    Take a look:
    “I gave him the last Larsson’s book away”.
    Is it correct? To give someone+something and “way” at the end? How is the structure?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Sorry for the typing mistakes, my keyboard is old!

    The text should read:

    The sentence “I gave him the last Larsson’s book away” is not correct. To give ‘something away’ is a phrasal verb and it means that you are giving something to somebody because you don’t want it anymore. For example ‘he gave his old shirts away to a charity shop’, so the meaning would translate as ‘Regalar’ or ‘Obsequiar’.


    I hope this helps you, but if you need any more information or help, please contact us again here at and we’ll try to give you all the help you need.

    Apologies again,

  4. hello … let me tell you that the conversation is really interesting and entertaining. because it allowed me to learn a little more social networks …

    … thanks…=)

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