Jimmy Jinx – Conversación en Inglés ‘Real Lives’ 1.3

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Conversación en inglés: Real Lives: Jimmy Jinx

Este es el tercer audio gratis en inglés de nuestra serie Real Lives, donde estaremos hablando con nuestros amigos no españoles y familiares sobre sus vidas en España. En este audio, Jimmy Jinx habla sobre su tiempo de aprendizaje de español en España, su gusto por la fiesta, y de su búsqueda de una mujer latinoamericana en su viaje a Sudamérica.

Todos los podcasts están acompañados por un libro de ejercicios de 20-25 páginas que tiene las transcripciones de esta conversación en ingles y en español, listas de vocabulario, preguntas de comprensión, ejercicios de gramática y vocabulario, y mucho más….Ejemplo

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Jimmy Jinx. Womaniser & party animal
Jimmy Jinx - party animal. Nuestro corresponsal en América Latina

En inglés

This the third free audio podcast from our series of Real Lives English listening podcasts where we will be talking to our non-Spanish friends and family about their lives in Spain. In this Podcast, Jimmy Jinx talks about his time learning Spanish in Barcelona, his love of partying and his search for a Latin American woman in South America…

Functional Vocabulary

The following words or phrases will be necessary to understand certain parts of the podcast:

“single, married, bi-curious…what’s the…what’s the deal?” – This is a reference to dating web-sites – a joke that doesn’t translate well.

Old-school – retro-style, authentic, like in the old days.

Womanizer – a man who has many relationships with many different women.

“International House has given me some kind of grounding” – “International House has given me a good base of knowledge”.

“It would be ungentlemanly of me to divulge” – “it would be rude of me to tell you that”.

to snore – the horrible noise some men make when they sleep.

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5 comentarios en “Jimmy Jinx – Conversación en Inglés ‘Real Lives’ 1.3”

  1. Dear sirs.

    And so it is that your dear old friend Jinxy is to be broadcast to world.
    Party animal?
    What happened to> The romantic? The bon viver?
    The lover of fine wines and sophisticated soirees?

    You will ofcouse, be hearing from my legal representitives.

    Your old pal.


    PS. I love you guys…

  2. ww. or www. ?

    Piss up without an invite!?!?

    Vocabulary – To have a ‘Piss up’ in English is a VERY informal way of saying ‘to get drunk’.

    Be vey careful how and when you use this phrase!


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