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Mark junio 2, 2011 a las 9:36 am

Hi everyone,
As we concluded in this conversation, the ‘War on Drugs’ isn’t being won, is costing billions of Dollars and thousands of lives, and maybe the only solution is to legalise the drugs. Here is some further reading for those of you who are interested in the subject:


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Mark junio 13, 2011 a las 7:00 pm

Another English article about the ‘War against/on Drugs’


Tom and I have both been to Tikal so this article has special significance


Mark junio 22, 2011 a las 9:25 am

A BBC article about the arrest of a Mexican drugs cartel boss


Note the final paragraph of the Analysis section – «But sceptics say the resulting power vacuum could lead to more bloodshed, as rival gangs fight for control of the lucrative drugs business and the trafficking routes towards the United States».

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reis marzo 15, 2012 a las 3:09 am

hi. mark, tom wilkinson, rose.. I loved the series » real lives» abre. abre, mama abre jajajaja that´s was so funny….

revise mas de 20 paginas y la suya es la mejor…

from mexico


Mark marzo 15, 2012 a las 9:26 pm

Thank you Reis, for a great comment and we’re glad you like the series and our website!


Tom octubre 1, 2013 a las 7:24 am

Another interesting article from today:


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